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About R.M. Machining, Inc. 

R.M. Machining is a woman owned, AS9100 and ISO9001 registered precision machine shop, specializing in CNC milling and turning.  R.M. Machining has the capabilities to accommodate both prototype and production work. We are very proud of the work we do, and happy to say for the third year running we have a zero percent defect rate.   We strive to be your preferred and go-to machine shop. 


R.M. Machining currently has eight CNC Milling Centers, one CNC Lathe and two Coordinate Measuring Machines. 

Our History

R.M. Machining was founded in 1983 in the garage of Karen and Robert Myhre.  In September of 1983 Karen and Robert purchased a Fadal CNC Mill, a Lagun manual mill and a Victor Engine lathe, this was the start of R.M. Machining.  R.M. Machining remained in the garage until 1986,  when a material delivery blocked access to the local elementary school.  It was soon after that, that a representative from the City of San Mateo visited and gave Robert and Karen 6 months to move, for in his opinion, "this was not a hobby shop".   Turns out, he was right.  

In 1986 R.M. Machining relocated to a 1200 sq foot building in Belmont.  It was just the push we needed, and in no time had acquired 4 additional CNC milling centers and a manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  In a few years, space was at a premium and after the compressor was moved to on top of the roof of the bathroom, it was decided a second move was in order.  

In 1996 R.M. Machining moved to its current location at 950 Terminal Way in San Carlos.  The 4500 sq foot building, with a separate inspection, a designed shipping and receiving area, two offices and plenty of space was perfect for our growing business.  We soon grew from 5 CNC milling centers to 9 CNC milling centers and a second, fully programmable CMM.  

The early 2000's very though for the machining industry, like most businesses we saw our sales dip and work move overseas, but we did not lose focus and in a few years had recovered from the downturn.  In 2006, Karen and Bob's eldest daughter, Michelle joined the team. She brought with her operations and sales experience.  She soon moved into the ISO Coordinator Position and In 2007 successfully upgraded the quality management system from ISO 9001 to AS9100.  In 2008 R.M. Machining purchased our first CNC Lathe, and broaden the capabilities of the company from solely a mill house to CNC milling and turning.  

Since 2008 R.M. Machining has continued to grow and thrive.  In 2011 we successfully transitioned to AS9100 Rev C.  In early 2012, we invested in Surfcam 4th axis programming software, expanding not only our programming seats, but also our capabilities in our shop, for we could now run up to 4th axis work.  In 2014 we invested in software once again, and in 2017 successfully transitioned to AS9100 Rev D.  

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