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A new CNC Mill for the new year!

2018 was a good year for us, with an increased workload, we made the decision to finally retire our oldest machine, a 1988 Fadal CNC Mill for a new 2018 CNC Mill! Is there anything more exciting than a new machine? We don't think so!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we shut down early to prep the shop for the new mill. Saturday at 7am we welcomed our expert rigging team, Golden State Rigging. This was no easy move, for space is a premium, and we our goal was to move as few machines as possible, starting with making room to move around.

Equipment sitting on the driveway to make room to move around inside.

After everything blocking the roll up door was moved into the driveway we anxiously awaited the arrival of the new machine.

Just after 9am the new machine pulled up! We had the old mill staged and ready to be loaded to the inline truck. What, can I say? We're process people, and just because we were not cutting chips today, did not mean we were not going to be efficient.

Once the new machine was untarped, inspected, and off loaded the real fun began. Moving the new machine in was a bit more challenging than moving the old machine out. We prepped the old machine for moving, which included removing the monitor and securing on the inside of the guards, yet the new machine had the monitor attached, giving us little room for error.

Once unloaded and SLOWLY making it up the driveway, switching out forklifts to a smaller bodied one, we began the journey inside the building.

Once in place, we removed the packaging, leveled the machine, connected the electrical and welcomed her into service!

The new machine has been up and running for just over a month and we are thrilled with the performance, repeatability, extended memory and rigidity of the machine! We are excited to cut chips!

New 2018 CNC Vertical Milling Center ready to cut chips!

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