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EPR and MRP Software Update!

2018 showed us that we needed a few updates to our shop management software, ShopKeeper. As a team we felt we had reached the point where we needed a fully functioning MRP (material resource planning) system to ensure we always had the hardware required for orders on hand. We also wanted the ability to more closely track and cost jobs as they move through the production process.

In Q3 we transitioned to ShopKeeper Job Control Premium, complete with a fully functioning MPR system, to allow the tracking, kitting and seamless buying of inventory. Along with the MPR feature ShopKeeper Premium also provides us with a bird's-eye view for planning, comprehensive control of production activity, a live scoreboard of key metrics, assembly management and most exciting of all, live tracking of jobs as they move through production! We are very excited about all the new features and are working to get all up and running!

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